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The Kipepeo Lodge is a charming and stylish private beach villa, made for holiday and vacation rentals, built on the Southeast coast of Zanzibar, on the shore of a typical african village, Jambiani. 

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It rises on the pristine sand in front of the Indian Ocean and was created with passion, fantasy and deep knowledge of the local environment. It has been thought to welcome dreamers and travelers who look for an exclusive solution to spend some time in a private paradise.
The resort has six double rooms that look to the ocean and an unparalleled front porch with a really incredible view, that runs along the coast line for tens of miles.
We also recently added a stunning top balcony overlooking the water (5 meters high on the level of the beach), born for mk breakfasts and for night dinners under the moon, as well as for forgetting everything, laying in the sun, along the day.
Our horizon is represented by a magic mixture of sea and sky, melting in blue and green nuances, that change every day, endlessly…, until the sunset.
The Kipepeo Lodge is the perfect place to find total relaxation and real interior peace. But, above all, it represents a different life style far from the crowds, close to real people and nature.
In a word: intimate, even for one night only.

Experience the Luxury of Being Natural…

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Exceptional rates and discounts for all early and late reservations.

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The Ten Golden Tips for a Perfect Trip to The Kipepeo Lodge

Do you like sailing…?

Also throughout 2014, we offer the possibility to cruise the islands of the magnificent archipelago of Zanzibar (among other things, Pemba and Mafia). Our customers are entitled to a 10% discount on standard rates for cruises taken in June, July and August.

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